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rabble 13


With a font selection that would make the collective attendance at OffSet swallow their goodie bags as a quick route to suicide and a colour scheme that would give your granny a seizure - that’s right thugs, we are back in the game yo! Rabble 13 is finally here.

The reason you have another fresh and free rabble in your grubby paw is because we’ve found it the most effective way of keeping a REAL relationship going with our readers.

It might cost us our sanity and a pretty penny, it may produce more sleepless nights than a 4 day coke bender, not to mention the pit of endless procrastination and despair it provokes. And yes, it might be as irregular as the number 11 but here it bloody well is.

There’s more to this whole thing than an antiquated analog fetish for print. Facebook and the rest of the social media honey traps are to us just another version of the same old bosses press at the end of the day. With all of us all being slowly funnelled into one paddock or other for monetisation through advertising by the big brands. What happens when the plug gets pulled or the meaninglessness of 3 second video videos in your own private wall of mirrors becomes more obvious?

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