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rabble 13


After a few false starts and a whole hape of chinwagging about where next, rabble's unique brand of gombeen slaying journalism will be popping back into print real soon.

The next edition is gonna be our biggest yet, chock-a-block
with more content than you'll ever wipe your arse with.

In this coming issue we look Job Path and all that "labour activation" malarky, have some reflections on Apollo House, take the increasing commodification of the GAA to task and look at RTE's recent discovery of the "c" - class that is.

All our regular stalwarts like Fallon's Fables, Harry Hangover, Long-term Unemployed Floyd return while we also have cracking interviews with Jinx Lennon on his new releases, Angela Nagle on the rise of the alt-shite and Clare Daly on the Maurice McCabe scandal.

We do of course rely on you to support independent journalism. So sign up for a copy now and make sure it lands on your doorstep as soon as we ship it.